¨Dark¨ movies and kids

There are several things that show the fact that the darker movies and their meanings are too dark for kids or minors. But is it really too dark for them to handle or should it be socially acceptable for kids and minors to watch those types of movies?

In my opinion, I think that kids and minors should not be exposed to those types of movies at such a young age. I think that they should live more like a child without the dark thoughts of those movies that can interfere with how they think and live with things. More of the dark types of movies also have more harsh language and in my opinion, were created more for adults and older teens if their parents allow it.

Although it is more of the parents decision because they know their child more and know what they can or cannot handle, I think that the should still be able to live their carefree lives without the dark ideas or those movies changing parts of their lives. I also think that kids right now grow up too fast and we should wait for them to grow up and not rush the process of their childhood.

Effects of Technology in Our Lives

Technology has become a huge part of our daily lives and has changed our days such as work, school and other activities. Of course those are two main reasons but there are several other things that technology gives or even takes from us. Our lives have forever been changed, and continue to change, because of the ever-changing growth of technology. Although it can be bad, there are several ways it helps us. It helps us learn easier and even better, or it helps us be more creative, and helps us with our lives every day.

If you think about it, if your stuck on a problem or are unsure how to do something, usually, the thing you will grab first is your phone or computer, you go to the internet and you look up something that could help you with your problem. There are millions of sites that help with trying to bake something, math, to English, or even to learning to play an instrument. It’s at the touch of a few buttons, it takes seconds to a few minutes, to look something up. It’s convenient. It’s easy.

Technology can also help people show their inner artist or bring out their creative side. Technology has had several drawing or writing apps and websites that allow anybody to draw, write, or create their own form of art. These types of art allow someone to express themselves and show the talented side of them. Anyone can have fun writing a story or drawing something fun, or even programming their own pieces of technology. Without technology, creativity would be a lot harder with getting into those types of activities.

Despite the several good things that technology has brought to us, there are also some negatives with technology. For one, I think that there is a lot of procrastination with students and even adults. We tend to get distracted by apps, games, social media, and even reading articles online. The amount of time we spend online is insane! Right now, I have an average of around 6 hours per day on my phone. That shows how much we spend on our phones each day. Saying that is only me, there are many other people who spend even longer on their phones being unproductive.

Overall, technology has brought so many good things into our lives and I think that there are several things that we need that technology has. While at the same time, technology is being used negatively to and extent where we all are always on our phones and sometimes we can´t go places without taking them with us. There are many goods and bads to technology.

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