Workload and School

How hard students work in their schools mainly depend how they were raised and how their mind is set. There are many factors that decide how hard students work in and out of school. For me, I can name some teachers who are very lenient towards their students. Although as a student, this is nice and doesn´t put as much stress on us, how much is too much?

When you are at school, you are your teacher´s responsibility. Meaning they help teach you to the best of their ability and weather you choose to listen or not, reflects on how much you gained during their class. I think workload differs with each student. Everyone takes different classes so harder classes=bigger workload. Of course how hard you work also adds or stays the same to how hard you have to work in and out of school. I think that for the most part, teachers should make some sort of effort, if necessary, to make lessons more interesting or relate it more to their life so that it could be a little more interesting to the students who do have to try their best to take in as much information as possible in order to maintain their grades and understand the subject. Weather you take harder classes or not, everyone has a type of workload weather they choose to work on it or not. It just depends on how they use it. I think school needs to also help with time management and learning on how to fit everything into a schedule accordingly and well.

Overall, there are many things as students and as a school system that we can both do to help us with the amount of workload we do and how we choose to do it.

Pulitzer Prize 2019 Winners

The Pulitzer Prize is a huge event and a very special acknowledgment to have as a writer, photographer, singer and so on. I came across this winner for breaking news photography by the Photography Staff of Reuters. The photographs show different pictures of people in Mexico and the border wall, and people trying to get across.Their work is very real and truthful as to what really happens and what we really never see. It was a very new thing to me to see these types of pictures despite me never seeing anything like this before. I really liked how it exposed many of the things we really don’t recognize on a day to day basis and things we don’t think about other than on the news and parts of what we see online. I really think that these photos all share a truth that what these people have to go through, with their children, is truly heartbreaking and how nobody should have to go through anything like that. I really think that these photos really get to you by the truth behind it. There is no hiding what is really happening.

Although pictures saw a lot, what happened to all of those people? Did they survive or make it across? What happened to them while they were crossing? There are so many questions that wondered about while looking at these pictures and about the people. These pictures really guide us in the light by showing is the truth and what really is going on in places we don’t see. It really is shocking and crazy to us because it is rarely seen, which is why this is a very good example of how it guides us into the light.

I really think this is a good winner because it shows us many things that nobody shows. It’s different, raw, heartbreaking, new. It shows the real pain and agony that people have to suffer through in trying to gain a better life for them and their family.

Pulitzer Prize Winners 2019

Darrian Bell has created several pieces of art that have become very popular and really show some of the issues going on in the world around us. And also calls out to government views and problems.

I really liked the truthfulness and how he portrayed all of the issues going on today. I was really surprised on how he wasn´t afraid of showing how the truth of everything is and he showed them in very different and interesting ways that the reader could be familiar with. I don´t really keep up with the news to know a lot of details, but I feel like I learned some stuff and my knowledge grew a little from the drawings.

“Put it before them briefly so they will read it, clearly so they will appreciate it, picturesquely so they will remember it and, above all, accurately so they will be guided by its light.”-Joseph Pulitzer. How does this piece “guide us by its light”? I think that these pieces of art really light up many issues that are overlooked and really point out major issues to us and everyone who read and looked at these pictures. The pieces of art are truthful and non-bias. Bell really shows us the truth to these matters that are a fact weather you support it or not. Bell created art that not many people do so well like he did. He did a really good job at showing everything differently and creatively which is why I think he was one of the many talented winners.

Your Family and Your Future

In your life, how does you family change your life and which paths you choose to take and how you react and learn from some of those decisions in your life?

I think that your family is a very big part in who you become and how they let you make certain decisions that help you in your life that help you also shape your future.

Imagine if your parents were different. If they treated you different. Like giving you more freedom or not letting you do as much. Little changes about you would change and shape your future differently and maybe even would have changed it fully. Your life could have to potential to be so different than what it is now.

When you grow up with certain views from your parents and then showing you the ropes and how to do everything. From making decisions and how you act or don´t act. These little things in your past really change how you act and how you choose to do things in the future. Like choosing a different college or your girlfriend or boyfriend, or if you want to date at all. These things shape your future and create who you are now or who you choose to be in the future.

If you become a parent in the future, the small ways you act towards your kid(s) can also affect them in huge ways just like how you were raised when you were their age.

Parents have a huge affect on their kids and what they choose to do in their future life and how they grow up.

Glamorizing Mental Health.

Today, things like Netflix, Youtube and such where you can watch shows, movies, and all types of videos are very popular and some teenagers use these on a daily basis. It´s always fun to watch these shows and videos online because there is really no limit to what you can watch.

One tv show in particular has gotten millions of peoples attention. 13 Reasons Why, it follows the voice of Hannah Baker and creates a very sad and somewhat realistic high school life of depression and suicide. But, has this show really glamorized mental health romanticized things like suicide, self harm, and mental health? Or is it more of just a realistic high school tv show to show people the importance of treating people right and several of the consequences it can cost?

Personally, I think that not everything said in the movie is always true, I could relate some of the things to my life or to the school. But I don´t really think they got all of the points right all of the time.

Anyways, the point where something romanticizes mental health could be when they put in a beautiful teenager crying with their friends or someway social media or shows change how mental health really is in real life if you have it. If you are affected by mental health in certain ways sometimes you can tell the differences of what you have or do experience and the things they portray in these shows or social media. Some of the things that people don´t understand is that is not wonderful to have a type or several types of mental health problems. A lot of people don´t always understand that these types of things, just like in the tv show 13 Reasons Why, destroys lives and families and people. Many people are affected and it isn´t a type of gift or special thing to have something like depression or anxiety.

I feel like much of the glamorization comes from self diagnosing or using the terms freely. If you think you have a mental health illness then you should go see a mental health professor like a therapist who can help you and diagnose you if necessary! I think when people use the term freely all the time it often loses the real meaning and what people have to suffer through all the time. I think this is when people start to use it to glamorize it with a picture of someone crying along with a romantic quote that doesn´t really show what it really is or anything.

Photoshopped Photos

In this new age of technology and the growing things you are able to do with technology, has also come photoshop and things like doctored photos. How far is too far and is it okay to doctor photos for magazines and public sites with thousands or even millions of viewers and followers.

Although photoshop can create some cool things, big and even small companies use this tool to create their ¨perfect¨ image of women, men, and backgrounds. This is a pretty dangerous tool that creates an image in our heads that says we must look like those girls or boys in the images and magazines.

As the younger generations get ahold of phones, social media, and see these magazines, they grow up faster and tend to think they should look like that when they are older or even at the time. This creates unhealthy body images that tend to be negative. This also is a major part of where things like eating disorders and anxiety and things like that can come from. These majorly doctored photos don’t only affect us mentally and emotionally, but can also affect some people physically. The fact that that is even a thought says a lot to how much out of hand and how not okay this is to put upon us and younger generations to come.

Much of the audience is affected by this. Despite age, race, gender, nationally, and so on. One or two much not do too much, but every day we see several examples of photoshopped pictures online like on our phones or social media, in person like magazines and tv ads or pictures.

Click here to read more about photoshop.

Is Dating a thing of the Past?

Is dating a thing of the past? Dating now from in the past is very different. There are several ways that it has changed for everyone. Mainly in high school, it affects everyone a lot and has many downsides to it. Relationships now tend to not be as affectionate and close. Now, relationships tend to be a lot of hookups and in that area. Adding on to that, you can see that they are also not as real as the older movies and everything. Although those are romanticized, they are still very different from relationships even in movies now.

Then, there was no social media and phones were not as common and people didn´t tend to use them as much so much of the talking and communication was in person. This affects the relationship a lot and creates many different ways people interacted with each other.

Now, people tend to only talk online through their phones and it has impacted in several ways how dating and relationships work in high school. A good thing about phones is that you get to meet new people that may not live very close to you. Which can help expand who you talk and date.

Overall, there are many ways that are good and bad about the dating world now and even in the past. There are many things that contribute to how everything plays out and how everyone handles everything.

Pulitzer Prize

The staff of the Washington Post had very detailed and eye opening stories and investigations that really changed some of the ways that affected the way that the Senate race in Alabama went and the outcome of it. They covered running Senate for Alabama and posted several different stories of sexual harassment stories from several different young girls about their story of Roy Moore.

I really think this is a big thing because it affected sexual harassment in a big way and showed the many ways of political punishments and what can be affected not only on the victims side, but on Moore´s side and what happened to him. I think that the ways that they covered it with following up and adding more information on to everything and the several good articles made it a good winner for the Pulitzer priz

School Dress Codes

In high school and middle school, dress code is a big thing that many kids get in trouble for. Mainly girls get in trouble for shoulders and too much skin showing. But is it really necessary to pull students out of class to make them change? Many times, the clothing really is acceptable and it´s not much of an issue. Schools tend to actually make girls feel bad about showing off too much and say it´s distracting the guys. But how much does it really distract guys?

In my opinion, I do not think pulling a girl or a guy out of class, interrupting class and forcing them to change into gym clothes or other clothes is any less distracting to anyone rather than your shoulders showing. Personally I do not think girls should be the ones to blame for what they wear as long as they are respecting themselves and not purposefully putting themselves out there. I do think that boys and girls should learn to respect each as in they can wear what they think and what their parents think is okay to wear, without everyone treating them as a type of object or something that is ‘theirs’

In school, yes, there might be talk if someone is wearing something a little too short, or something that may look way too old for them, but I really don’t think It affects boys or girls learning to an extent to where they should be pulled from class.

What do you Really Learn in School?

School is supposed to be a place to learn and meet friends and the very beginning of your life. But what do high school students really learn in school.

In my opinion, we all try our best on grades but none of it really sticks with us. We all cram information in our heads just until the test or quiz and after we all forget about most of the information. None of it really feels important to me and it feels like a lot of it isn´t going to help me much.

I feel like while we are in high school, many of the things aren´t relevant to us and we only really study for it to get a good grade. School really isn´t about learning, it´s a lot about the grades you don´t learn, you just remember and then forget. I think that there needs to be major change within the schooling system. Just because you aren´t amazing in math doesn´t mean you aren´t good at other things and you shouldn´t really be punished that much for that.

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