Photoshopped Photos

In this new age of technology and the growing things you are able to do with technology, has also come photoshop and things like doctored photos. How far is too far and is it okay to doctor photos for magazines and public sites with thousands or even millions of viewers and followers.

Although photoshop can create some cool things, big and even small companies use this tool to create their ¨perfect¨ image of women, men, and backgrounds. This is a pretty dangerous tool that creates an image in our heads that says we must look like those girls or boys in the images and magazines.

As the younger generations get ahold of phones, social media, and see these magazines, they grow up faster and tend to think they should look like that when they are older or even at the time. This creates unhealthy body images that tend to be negative. This also is a major part of where things like eating disorders and anxiety and things like that can come from. These majorly doctored photos don’t only affect us mentally and emotionally, but can also affect some people physically. The fact that that is even a thought says a lot to how much out of hand and how not okay this is to put upon us and younger generations to come.

Much of the audience is affected by this. Despite age, race, gender, nationally, and so on. One or two much not do too much, but every day we see several examples of photoshopped pictures online like on our phones or social media, in person like magazines and tv ads or pictures.

Click here to read more about photoshop.

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