Is Dating a thing of the Past?

Is dating a thing of the past? Dating now from in the past is very different. There are several ways that it has changed for everyone. Mainly in high school, it affects everyone a lot and has many downsides to it. Relationships now tend to not be as affectionate and close. Now, relationships tend to be a lot of hookups and in that area. Adding on to that, you can see that they are also not as real as the older movies and everything. Although those are romanticized, they are still very different from relationships even in movies now.

Then, there was no social media and phones were not as common and people didn´t tend to use them as much so much of the talking and communication was in person. This affects the relationship a lot and creates many different ways people interacted with each other.

Now, people tend to only talk online through their phones and it has impacted in several ways how dating and relationships work in high school. A good thing about phones is that you get to meet new people that may not live very close to you. Which can help expand who you talk and date.

Overall, there are many ways that are good and bad about the dating world now and even in the past. There are many things that contribute to how everything plays out and how everyone handles everything.

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