Glamorizing Mental Health.

Today, things like Netflix, Youtube and such where you can watch shows, movies, and all types of videos are very popular and some teenagers use these on a daily basis. It´s always fun to watch these shows and videos online because there is really no limit to what you can watch. One tv show in […]

Is Dating a thing of the Past?

Is dating a thing of the past? Dating now from in the past is very different. There are several ways that it has changed for everyone. Mainly in high school, it affects everyone a lot and has many downsides to it. Relationships now tend to not be as affectionate and close. Now, relationships tend to […]

Pulitzer Prize

The staff of the Washington Post had very detailed and eye opening stories and investigations that really changed some of the ways that affected the way that the Senate race in Alabama went and the outcome of it. They covered running Senate for Alabama and posted several different stories of sexual harassment stories from several […]

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