Pulitzer Prize 2019 Winners

The Pulitzer Prize is a huge event and a very special acknowledgment to have as a writer, photographer, singer and so on. I came across this winner for breaking news photography by the Photography Staff of Reuters. The photographs show different pictures of people in Mexico and the border wall, and people trying to get across.Their work is very real and truthful as to what really happens and what we really never see. It was a very new thing to me to see these types of pictures despite me never seeing anything like this before. I really liked how it exposed many of the things we really don’t recognize on a day to day basis and things we don’t think about other than on the news and parts of what we see online. I really think that these photos all share a truth that what these people have to go through, with their children, is truly heartbreaking and how nobody should have to go through anything like that. I really think that these photos really get to you by the truth behind it. There is no hiding what is really happening.

Although pictures saw a lot, what happened to all of those people? Did they survive or make it across? What happened to them while they were crossing? There are so many questions that wondered about while looking at these pictures and about the people. These pictures really guide us in the light by showing is the truth and what really is going on in places we don’t see. It really is shocking and crazy to us because it is rarely seen, which is why this is a very good example of how it guides us into the light.

I really think this is a good winner because it shows us many things that nobody shows. It’s different, raw, heartbreaking, new. It shows the real pain and agony that people have to suffer through in trying to gain a better life for them and their family.


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