Workload and School

How hard students work in their schools mainly depend how they were raised and how their mind is set. There are many factors that decide how hard students work in and out of school. For me, I can name some teachers who are very lenient towards their students. Although as a student, this is nice and doesn´t put as much stress on us, how much is too much?

When you are at school, you are your teacher´s responsibility. Meaning they help teach you to the best of their ability and weather you choose to listen or not, reflects on how much you gained during their class. I think workload differs with each student. Everyone takes different classes so harder classes=bigger workload. Of course how hard you work also adds or stays the same to how hard you have to work in and out of school. I think that for the most part, teachers should make some sort of effort, if necessary, to make lessons more interesting or relate it more to their life so that it could be a little more interesting to the students who do have to try their best to take in as much information as possible in order to maintain their grades and understand the subject. Weather you take harder classes or not, everyone has a type of workload weather they choose to work on it or not. It just depends on how they use it. I think school needs to also help with time management and learning on how to fit everything into a schedule accordingly and well.

Overall, there are many things as students and as a school system that we can both do to help us with the amount of workload we do and how we choose to do it.

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