Your Family and Your Future

In your life, how does you family change your life and which paths you choose to take and how you react and learn from some of those decisions in your life?

I think that your family is a very big part in who you become and how they let you make certain decisions that help you in your life that help you also shape your future.

Imagine if your parents were different. If they treated you different. Like giving you more freedom or not letting you do as much. Little changes about you would change and shape your future differently and maybe even would have changed it fully. Your life could have to potential to be so different than what it is now.

When you grow up with certain views from your parents and then showing you the ropes and how to do everything. From making decisions and how you act or don´t act. These little things in your past really change how you act and how you choose to do things in the future. Like choosing a different college or your girlfriend or boyfriend, or if you want to date at all. These things shape your future and create who you are now or who you choose to be in the future.

If you become a parent in the future, the small ways you act towards your kid(s) can also affect them in huge ways just like how you were raised when you were their age.

Parents have a huge affect on their kids and what they choose to do in their future life and how they grow up.

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