Glamorizing Mental Health.

Today, things like Netflix, Youtube and such where you can watch shows, movies, and all types of videos are very popular and some teenagers use these on a daily basis. It´s always fun to watch these shows and videos online because there is really no limit to what you can watch.

One tv show in particular has gotten millions of peoples attention. 13 Reasons Why, it follows the voice of Hannah Baker and creates a very sad and somewhat realistic high school life of depression and suicide. But, has this show really glamorized mental health romanticized things like suicide, self harm, and mental health? Or is it more of just a realistic high school tv show to show people the importance of treating people right and several of the consequences it can cost?

Personally, I think that not everything said in the movie is always true, I could relate some of the things to my life or to the school. But I don´t really think they got all of the points right all of the time.

Anyways, the point where something romanticizes mental health could be when they put in a beautiful teenager crying with their friends or someway social media or shows change how mental health really is in real life if you have it. If you are affected by mental health in certain ways sometimes you can tell the differences of what you have or do experience and the things they portray in these shows or social media. Some of the things that people don´t understand is that is not wonderful to have a type or several types of mental health problems. A lot of people don´t always understand that these types of things, just like in the tv show 13 Reasons Why, destroys lives and families and people. Many people are affected and it isn´t a type of gift or special thing to have something like depression or anxiety.

I feel like much of the glamorization comes from self diagnosing or using the terms freely. If you think you have a mental health illness then you should go see a mental health professor like a therapist who can help you and diagnose you if necessary! I think when people use the term freely all the time it often loses the real meaning and what people have to suffer through all the time. I think this is when people start to use it to glamorize it with a picture of someone crying along with a romantic quote that doesn´t really show what it really is or anything.

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