School Dress Codes

In high school and middle school, dress code is a big thing that many kids get in trouble for. Mainly girls get in trouble for shoulders and too much skin showing. But is it really necessary to pull students out of class to make them change? Many times, the clothing really is acceptable and it´s not much of an issue. Schools tend to actually make girls feel bad about showing off too much and say it´s distracting the guys. But how much does it really distract guys?

In my opinion, I do not think pulling a girl or a guy out of class, interrupting class and forcing them to change into gym clothes or other clothes is any less distracting to anyone rather than your shoulders showing. Personally I do not think girls should be the ones to blame for what they wear as long as they are respecting themselves and not purposefully putting themselves out there. I do think that boys and girls should learn to respect each as in they can wear what they think and what their parents think is okay to wear, without everyone treating them as a type of object or something that is ‘theirs’

In school, yes, there might be talk if someone is wearing something a little too short, or something that may look way too old for them, but I really don’t think It affects boys or girls learning to an extent to where they should be pulled from class.

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