What do you Really Learn in School?

School is supposed to be a place to learn and meet friends and the very beginning of your life. But what do high school students really learn in school.

In my opinion, we all try our best on grades but none of it really sticks with us. We all cram information in our heads just until the test or quiz and after we all forget about most of the information. None of it really feels important to me and it feels like a lot of it isn´t going to help me much.

I feel like while we are in high school, many of the things aren´t relevant to us and we only really study for it to get a good grade. School really isn´t about learning, it´s a lot about the grades you don´t learn, you just remember and then forget. I think that there needs to be major change within the schooling system. Just because you aren´t amazing in math doesn´t mean you aren´t good at other things and you shouldn´t really be punished that much for that.

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